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This company has changed

I have worked for Indeed for almost 3 years . I used to be so proud to work for this company and brag about it and love bringing in plenty of referrals. This is not the worst place by any means but they have definitely lost their way. I absolutely loved how Indeed was one of the first companies to implement work from home during covid and they take health seriously but that does not mean other things need to be neglected. There will not be a raise in salary because of the culture but there is no culture at this point with everyone at home . They demand so much and preach transparency when things don’t add up . If you go above your goal you can count on the company increasing it drastically so that it becomes unmanageable.This company has lost its way and it is sad to say our departments on all ends are losing people at an alarming rate and they won’t see an issue with that . I overall wanted to grow with this company but looking how things are going it might be time to look elsewhere like my colleagues. I thought our voices were being heard and changes were coming but that is just wishful thinking.

Good start to your career but thats it

Working at Indeed comes with some decent pros and that typically is the people, diversity and inclusion, and mission that you’d be working towards. Indeed is a great company to START off at. The people you work with at Indeed in Foster City are fantastic people and I enjoyed working at Indeed because of them. Then there’s the mission that is also a rewarding thing to work for which is also a plus.I am only speaking to my experience in the Foster City location. As mentioned in the title, Indeed is a good company to START off at but overall career growth and opportunities in Foster City is non existent for the client success department. In the end, you need to know your worth because Indeed does not. From my experience, it appears that Indeed’s priority is to find the hires that will cost them less money to pay. If you are qualified for the role/promotion but there someone else who they can pay less than you, they will go that route. You are also extremely underpaid as a Client Success Specialist which is the same as a Customer Success Manager. Do your research and know what you’re worth. Its a great company to work for but I can’t see someone surviving long in the bay area with the pay that Indeed pays. Also product roll outs from Indeed are horrible, they always come out with something new and its half finished and the client success team is on the front lines of taking the heat from clients. Not to mention there was a recently large reorg of the company and in the end what that translated to was more work and responsibilities but no increase in pay or title change.

Seems great until the rose tinted glasses are off

I thought Indeed was a great place to work until I left. Now that I’m out I realize what a toxic work environment Indeed has created. Favorites are played and management does not have a clear direction. The goal posts are constantly moving and not in a good way. The constant fire drills to get tasks done get in the way of real work and people are not given the autonomy to thrive. Also even though I was one of the better paid SAE I now realize that Indeed was paying well below market value. Senior leadership acknowledges that pay is low as they believe the make up for it else where. There are companies out there that are still doing purposeful work and pay their teams better

The most positive culture where your voice is heard

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I’ve worked at Indeed for two years, and I am so grateful I was hired. This culture is so positive, caring, and so many people have gone out of their way to help me. The company truly cares about your career and where you want to go. The managers have so many conversations with you about what motivates you to help you achieve your goals. After every event, Q&A, all-hands, there’s an option to leave feedback and the feedback is actually read and action is taken. As soon as COVID-19 was getting serious, Indeed was one of the first companies to implement a mandatory work-from-home policy. Our healthy and safety came first, and I felt so lucky our company had the opportunity to make that decision. Since the WFH policy, our CEO, COO, and SVP of HR have been INCREDIBLE with transparency, being here for us and communicating to us more than I’ve ever seen.I feel valued, heard, and my work means something when I am at Indeed.In terms of benefits, it’s truly fantastic. We have unlimited PTO, and we are encouraged to take it. 401K match up to 3%. Great healthcare plan. Our NYC office is beautiful with fully stocked drinks and snacks. There’s a gym and multiple terraces. We have company happy hours once a month and our holiday parties are OUTSTANDING. Every year the company gives everyone a really nice gift for the holidays. I really could go on for a long time. Definitely, definitely apply.